Sickle Cell Signature Water Glass Hope Frosted

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Sickle Cell Signature Water Glass Hope Signature Sickle Cell Art water glass by warrior painter Hertz Nazaire. Hope was painted with oil pastels in 1997 by the artist after a long two weeks in the hospital. Sickle Cell Art series for education and awareness of Sickle Cell Disease Pain.

The 3.8" tall glass is perfect for soft drinks and keeping track of how much water you've drunk during the day. And ever had someone accidentally steal the drink you were savoring? Well, designing a set of customized glasses will make sure drink stealers never get away with it again. 

  • Curved crystal glass
  • Great for water, juice or soda
  • Print your designs on the front and back
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Height: 3.8", Diameter: 2.0" (base), 2.8" (rim)