Sickle Cell Disease

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A Sickle Cell Disease textbook! For decades the Sickle Cell Community has hoped for a Sickle Cell Textbook to help educate our care teams, so we would no longer run into doctors and nurses who had no idea what Sickle Cell Disease was or how to care for us. This is why I was honored to share my art with this project written by many of the experts in our community who has dedicated their lives to treating Sickle Cell Disease. This is what excited me the most about this textbook, as an advocate it was great to know that many of the chapters was worked on by people I personally admire and inspired by. Leaders who stood against the many challenges we faced and changed our community for the better. - Hertz Nazaire

Author: Gladwin, Mark T., Gregory J. Kato, Enrico M. Novelli

Brand: McGraw-Hill Education / Medical

Edition: 1

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 720

Release Date: 07-05-2021

Languages: English