The Waiting Chair

Hertz Nazaire in Studio

The Waiting Chair

The Waiting Chair Series is designed to be an art installation piece to convey the issues of waiting while in crisis pain from Sickle Cell Disease. Many of our loved ones lose the fight to this disease due to something as simple as not finding out in time what damage this pain event is signaling.  I want this art to inspire understanding between patient needing urgent care and health care staff. This art is designed as a conversation starter and a reminder that pain should not have to wait. That our crisis are events of urgency. I've often been rushed to an emergency department by an  ambulance that is running red lights to get me to a hospital that will keep me waiting hours before they can find a place to care for my pain.

The hope is that hospital waiting rooms, clinics, and offices can make an art space for this kind of educational empathy art installation. These chairs can be used as a prop of awareness, and educational reminder of the long history of Sickle Cell warriors long waiting times for care. It has been a problem for many in our community including myself as a patient having to wait half a day at times. I want this art to inspire these places to csihange how they think about Sickle Cell Pain and to inspire an urgency to be it better to treat our pain faster. If we understand the problem and keep it in mind we will find better solutions together instead of these regretful events fueling more conflicts and distrust. 

As an artist all you can hope to do is find a way to create your art, but finding a space for it and getting the story you want to tell out there is much harder to do.  Not all artists are welcomed into top galleries. In the same way not every hospital or waiting room will feature an art piece telling a story that is uniquely related to Sickle Cell.

The challenge of The Waiting Chair is to inspire urgent care for Sickle Cell disease, so the goal is to keep it empty as much as possible. This is not a place for someone suffering from a Sickle Cell Crisis or Sickle Cell Pain in general.  It is a chair that sets fixed goals, a reminder to do better. To inspire urgency in the care for Sickle Cell Warriors.

NOTE: Beyond what I wanted to say with the concept of The Waiting Chair, and what aspect of the community experience it represents.  It is art created for the community to promote awareness and understanding.  So I am not discouraging warriors from having these at home. Art says different things to different people and it is available for you to own.  I just wanted to be sure my purpose and vision was clear about the meaning behind creating these. My goal is not funiture making but to focus on telling a story about an everyday event in our community (waiting while in crisis) which I hope to inspire better solutions for. So if you are a warrior like me and you just want an art chair by all means get one for yourself but please remember to share the meaning behind The Waiting Chair so we can keep a spotlight on the issues we all face until they are no longer a problem.

 The Waiting Chair Project is my idea for the Holman Prize submission video. Winning such a prize would give me access to funding I would need to get at least half my goal to donate chairs to Hospital waiting rooms or lobbies to help make the issue of urgent care for Sickle Cell stick. The video below like and share it please.


Thanks for your support,

Hertz Nazaire

Artist / Sickle Cell Advocate


Names for the chairs as follows:

The Waiting Chair

The Still Waiting Chair

The 12-Hour Waiting Chair 

*also note that the optional footstools have the name of the chair they are meant to be displayed with under the footstool

Return and Policy note, my manufacturer has established a no refund or return on hand made chairs. Since I only posted them here to test my design and see how they come out. Please note there are no returns for this item. Members and Friends of the Sickle Cell community who knows the meaning of these chairs are the ones I designed these for.