Canvas Prints

Canvas Wraps and Framed Canvas Prints

Hertz Nazaire

Due to issues with Sickle Cell Disease I am blind in my right eye and my left eye's vision is not all that great these days. So I work BIG and I experiment a lot with fabrics and wood. Many have asked about purchasing my original work, I seriously would need to charge you a great deal to ship 10 feet wide hard panel pieces. I find focusing on the art world and all the fuss highly stressful so it is not my goal when I paint to think of galleries or collectors. I just want to create beautiful things and sometimes they say something and other times they are just created to inspire my mind to rest a bit. I am looking into canvas prints and other materials that art can be printed on. So far I've found that most of the cost of the  below is due to high shipping rates. 

If you find something you like please support.

Peace - Naz