Welcome to naz.art a note from the Artist

Posted by Hertz Nazaire on


My name is Hertz Nazaire and I am a painter and a sickle cell advocate.

Thank you for visiting my new shop. Over the years I have tried to explore the best way to use my art to create useful things that feature my work.

Living with Sickle Cell is not easy and life with this disease is difficult at times. Starting over from the beginning is normal for many warriors, our goals and our dreams take longer to get to when this happens but we can't give in to the pain.

So this is not my first try at a store featuring my art and it might not be the last time I try if does not work out. My websites often fail when I get sick and can't keep up on the monthly fees to run something like this. So if you see something you like get it while it is available, I am never sure when I'll have to close the shop and focus on my health again.

The items I have added to this store are suggestions and requests I've gotten from the Sickle Cell Community. Some people are looking for items that can start a conversation about Sickle Cell, while others just want to help support my day to day life.  Thank you all for the support over the years. I wish you all the best of health.